Wednesday, 21 April 2010

If you can work and you're not... You get sweet FA!

A poster which cannot be tampered with by the cyber graffiti artists... An honest and appealing campaign which surely secures more Conservative votes.

The money for nothing society could well be over if you place a 'X' in the box next to your Tory candidate. David Cameron's new incentive to reverse years of Labour's sympathy to those who can work but choose not to (those you'd usually see on Jeremy Kyle).

"We will say to people if you can work and you want to work, we will do everything we can to help you.

"But people who can work, who choose not to work, you cannot not go on claiming welfare like this."

David Cameron (20/4/10)

For far too long people have sat at home and claimed money from the taxpayer whilst being fully able to work. I won't be naive and say this is the day we catch them all and erase the benefit culture but a sweeping reform should do more than the 'No If's or But's' adverts.

The audacity of Yvette Cooper (Secretary of state for Work and Pensions) to say it will cut jobs further exposes the futile brains at work in the Labour team. What this will do will give us a clear number of how many unemployed people there really are in the UK (reaching over 2.5m today) and will also fill a few gaps left by the Labour party.

Unlike the Lib Dems who have conjured up financial statistics and imaginary millions in saying they will stop tax evasion, the Tories have given a method on how they will carry out one of the most needed changes in the UK today.

Cameron is saying what so many think. A vote winner for many I'm sure.


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