Tuesday, 20 April 2010

It was a decent wage!

How kind of Gordon Brown, paying his cleaner what he considers a decent wage!

Rather than being a typical employer and giving his maid just the standard national wage he dug deep and gave her that little extra... Shame it wasn't his money to be giving!

Yes, having a cleaner may be an acceptable expense and of course having to juggle between two houses whilst managing your family and a nation is no easy feat but the sheer audacity of trying to back up his claim as a 'decent wage'.

It's so easy to spend money which isn't yours, but when it belongs to the tens of millions of British taxpayers one has to draw the motives into question.
Gordon then, when told to repay ended up giving more than he was asked and in doing so feels he deserves some kind of redemption... Give it a rest Gordon, as the Prime Minister you should be setting the golden example and not claiming anything unnecessary.
I'm sure a Prime Ministerial wage (although reputedly he accepts a lower wage) can cover a good quality cleaner who will work for minimum wage however,if it were his own money, honest Gordon would prefer to give her a decent one ;)

Source: SkyNews

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