Sunday, 16 May 2010

Where I stand

I thought it'd be interesting to take the political compass test (for what must be around the 10th time now) and see how it compares to previous scores.

Economic Left/Right: 3.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 2.10

Interesting result seeing as the the last three I've done have crept from centre-left to centre-right and now clearly into the 'right' zone. I feel the result is however very accurate based on the way my beliefs and views have been shaped through academia and recent events.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The first day of a new Britain

I for one have waited for this day for a long time. New Labour is gone and the Conservative party are in (although accompanied by a few Liberals).

David Cameron is now instated in his rightful place as Prime Minister.

Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg

I will as ever be an ally of the Conservative party and will defend them first; just like the rest of the nation, I eagerly await to see whether this shotgun marriage lasts and of course wish both parties all the best.

The grey clouds are breaking up over Britain and the sun is rearing its head. The end of a tyrannous, freedom restricting, penny squeezing, illegitimate government and the dawning of a new era.


Monday, 10 May 2010

Britain in the gallows

307 seats was not enough for an overall Conservative majority, 22 short of my prediction and a few short of others but nonetheless it's the situation we're in.

Due to the indecisiveness of the British electorate we're now facing more and more talks between the parties in an effort to reach some form of deal.

Nick Clegg came out and said he'd happily support whichever party had the highest % of the vote/number of seats, the Conservatives did so and have entered talks. However, out of the blue today Gordon Brown sticks his oar in and comes up with perhaps the most selfish, anti-democratic and ridiculous of resignation speeches.

He says he'll offer the Lib Dems AV, 4 more months of his unelected self (even after he lost a General Election) and another term for Labour and another unelected premier.
Whichever way it's looked at, Brown has tried to surface from his sunken boat, latch onto the Liberals and block David Cameron's deserved place at Number 10.

It's pitiful that he'd risk national economic, political and social safety just because he was too stubborn to quit on Friday morning. Now we face the threat of not only a non-elected coalition government, but one comprised completely of 'want nots'.
The nation voted in favour of the Conservatives, not enough to give them a parliamentary majority, but still a majority nonetheless and now the losing parties have the audacity to club together and still fall short of the magic 326 number.
How fantastic, we'll end up with a rainbow coalition which incorporates Scottish nationalists and a Green! (If they all join in)

Britain needs a PM and it needs one as soon as possible. If we are without a leader by Friday, the market will start to fight back. If we enter the next week without one it could spell out a very tragic story for the pound.

The Liberals should form pact with the Conservatives to help them through a Queen's speech, giving George Osbourne the chance to reveal the full extent of the Labour debt and then release the Conservatives plans leading to another General Election.

IF Labour end up in number 10 it will be a dark, dark day for the nation and Britain might have to kick the chair from beneath itself before the world aims the revolver.


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Decision Time!

Long time no post what with re-starting Uni and having the odd deadline to meet and of course general procrastination!

So today it happens, the event billed as the 'Tightest Election of this generation' and various synonymous terms.

My predictions
  • Conservative commanding majority of 2... Would prefer more but one can't be too sure
  • Lib Dem votes are far lower than opinion polls
  • Labour fare okay but lose majority, Brown resigns after June 1
  • BNP win a seat or at least come a close 2nd
  • UKIP win the most seats amongst the 'others'
Having told the local Lib Dem candidate to his face and a Labour campaigner to his that I'll be voting Conservative, I best go put my money where my mouth is and cross the box next to Nicky Morgan (Loughborough).

I'll be watching the results as they come in either drowning my sorrows or celebrating... I hope for the sake of this country it's the latter!