Thursday, 6 May 2010

Decision Time!

Long time no post what with re-starting Uni and having the odd deadline to meet and of course general procrastination!

So today it happens, the event billed as the 'Tightest Election of this generation' and various synonymous terms.

My predictions
  • Conservative commanding majority of 2... Would prefer more but one can't be too sure
  • Lib Dem votes are far lower than opinion polls
  • Labour fare okay but lose majority, Brown resigns after June 1
  • BNP win a seat or at least come a close 2nd
  • UKIP win the most seats amongst the 'others'
Having told the local Lib Dem candidate to his face and a Labour campaigner to his that I'll be voting Conservative, I best go put my money where my mouth is and cross the box next to Nicky Morgan (Loughborough).

I'll be watching the results as they come in either drowning my sorrows or celebrating... I hope for the sake of this country it's the latter!


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