Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Woohoo a woman!

The Labour leadership candidates have been announced and to Harriet Harman's delight, a woman is standing for election.

Seriously, you vote for someone based on their credentials, not their genitals. It's great that Labour are spending so much time and effort in ensuring a woman gets on the ballot paper rather than dealing with the real structural issues they face.

There's the 6 people of whom one will be sitting on the other side of the despatch box (for a very long time) after September. In fact, not one of these 6 will become the Prime Minister so the race in itself is merely a formality.

I wish the Labour candidates all the best, it can't be worse than Harman!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Breathtaking hypocrisy

David Milliband this week declared that The Coalition, moreso its two ringleaders Cameron and Clegg, have come out with nothing but 'breathtaking hypocrisy'.

David Milliband is running for leader of the Labour party and was a key player in the Blairite, New Labour movement and even carried on alongside his brother under Brown.
Therefore anyone who was part of the charade that was 'New Labour' has no earthly right to dare throw around words such as hypocrisy.

I'm sure David was looking in his bathroom mirror the morning he said it and thought along the lines of: '13 years of New Labour, all the promises, the speeches, the changes... What breathtaking hypocrisy!'

I personally wish whoever succeeds in the race to Labour leader... I once thought it couldn't get worse than Harman but if Miliband wants to live in his deluded little Labour bubble and spout such utter nonsense, I can happily live under the coalition for another 3 terms if need be.